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Have a little fun and get noticed, too

May is Older Americans Month. For more than 50 years, the nation has taken time during May to honor senior citizens and to work to improve their lives. Help celebrate your community’s seniors while empowering them to improve their health.

  • Host a community education class about fall prevention and make sure seniors know about the impact a fall could have on their lives. Find a great done-for-you class here.
  • Volunteer to host a senior dance at a local VFW. Encourage veterans to attend dressed in military attire and play lots of oldies. Make sure everyone who attends is given a goodie bag filled with coupons for area merchants, flyers and samples. Be sure your agency’s name and services are prominently displayed throughout the event.
  • Partner with noncompetitive organizations that also serve seniors and host a senior fair. Arrange for entertainment from local school performance groups, and find a sponsor to provide refreshments. Set up a large information station near the event entrance to offer free information about your services and programs. Set up an ask-a-nurse station with lots of marketing collateral on hand. Organizations that may want to participate include ILFs, ALFs, senior-focused exercise programs, AARP, pharmacies, VA, VFW, Senior Corps, medical product vendors, medical alert system companies, municipal governments, and eldercare physician referral sources.
  • Surprise your patients this week with a token of appreciation. It can be a simple flower or a note of thanks for allowing you to be part of their home-based care.
  • Visit the website of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Administration for Community Living for lots of information about this year’s event, including logos, posters, sample proclamations and more.
  • Host an afternoon of trivia in conjunction with another organization that serves your community’s seniors. Offer fun prizes to the winners, including items branded with your agency’s logo. Find tons of fun trivia questions here. Call TAG Partners at 866-232-6477 to discuss the wide variety of affordable and creative branded promotional products you can incorporate into your event.

Market your agency with community education

High blood pressure is one of the most common conditions affecting America’s adults. In fact, about one-third of all U.S. adults (that’s 68 million people!) have high blood pressure. May is National High Blood Pressure Education Month. Join the nation’s medical community in stepping up awareness efforts of high blood pressure and how it contributes to other health problems.

  • Visit the website of the American Heart Association for a variety of high blood pressure tools and resources, including quizzes, low-sodium recipes and videos.
  • Participate in community health fairs this month and provide free blood pressure screenings. Have plenty of information on hand about your agency and high blood pressure. Find blood-pressure related products personalized to your agency at the TAG Partners online store.
  • Host a community education class about how diet affects blood pressure. Focus on easy, healthy and delicious recipes. Provide demonstrations of some of the easier recipes and tastings of others. Find tons of recipes at the website of the Dash Diet.
  • Visit your market’s general practitioners, internal medicine physicians and cardiologists to discuss high blood pressure and how your agency can help their patients. Provide blood pressure logs to not only help their hypertension patients monitor their condition, but to keep your agency’s name and contact information at their fingertips.
  • Take a stand against smoking this month. Encourage your prospects, patients and staff to stop smoking if they smoke and encourage their loved ones to do the same. Although smoking does not conclusively cause high blood pressure, smoking a cigarette does temporarily increase blood pressure. Visit the website of the University of California, San Francisco’s Smoking Cessation Leadership Center for a wealth of resources to help your smoking cessation efforts.
  • Contact women’s groups and arrange to host a discussion about women and high blood pressure. Get some great information from the FDA’s guide to medications and high blood pressure.

Salute your staff this National Nurses Week

We couldn’t do all we do without the hard work of the wonderful nurses on our staffs. National Nurses Week is May 6–12, and it should be devoted to recognizing the nurses at your agency as well as those at long-term care facilities, hospitals and medical staffing agencies in your market.

  • Host a special luncheon, reception or small get together to honor one or more nurses at your agency for going above and beyond in their work, for their years of service, or for their heroic acts.
  • Schedule and host an editorial board meeting with your state or local newspapers. Discuss the importance of nurses in home care as well as the nursing profession’s concerns about health care issues such as quality of care or the growing need for in-home care.
  • Visit the TAG Partners website to our full line of Nurses Week products. All materials are fully personalized to your agency.
  • Place an ad in your local newspaper to honor your community’s nurses. Contact your referral sources and get the names of their nurses to include in the ad. Be sure to get their permission to include them in the ad before it runs.
  • Place an item on your municipal government’s meeting agenda seeking to formally declare May 6–12 as National Nurses Week. Sign up to speak during the meeting’s public comment period or at the agenda item’s reading to publicly express your agency’s appreciation for nurses. Find a sample proclamation here.
  • Offer a sincere thank you to the nursing professionals in your own agency. Prominently display this thanks in your agency newsletter and on your agency’s website.

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