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August 2014: Educate and promote healthy aging

Alzheimer’s disease affects the lives of more than 5 million Americans and it is the nation’s fifth leading cause of death among adults age 65 or older. September is World Alzheimer’s Month and September 21 is World Alzheimer’s Day. Treat these observances as opportunities to educate your community about this disease and how your agency can help.

  • Mental engagement can help keep aging minds sharp and stave off mental decline. Distribute puzzle books personalized with your agency’s name and contact information to visitors of your local senior centers. Get them at
  • Place informative brochures about Alzheimer’s disease and how your agency can help in the waiting rooms of your community’s geriatricians. Get them at
  • Demonstrate to referral sources that your services include a concrete plan to help their patients with Alzheimer’s and dementia. Patient education guides not only empower patients and their families to take an active role in the patient’s care, but help improve compliance and outcomes. Get the patient education guide for Alzheimer’s disease at

National Women’s Health and Fitness Day is right around the corner (always held on the last Wednesday in September), and it’s a great time to highlight women’s health issues while calling attention to your agency’s efforts and services.

  • Volunteer your agency to participate in a community event organized in celebration of the day. Have free blood pressure screenings and a variety of personalized rack cards for visitors to pick up. Get them at
  • Host a ladies’ day at a local senior center or assisted living facility. This can include an event such as a craft project (decorating plain cards with embellishments and stamps is a fun one) and an educational class on an issue such as diet and nutrition or senior exercise. Find ready-made classes at
  • Partner with your local parks department and host a seniors walk or tai chi orientation class at a local park. Remind attendees about the importance of good hydration and distribute water bottles personalized with your agency’s logo and contact information. Get them at

September is Healthy Aging Month, which presents an incredible opportunity to connect with seniors in your community and promote ways you can help them age more healthfully at home.

  • Host a Healthy Aging Month open house. Have many agency representatives available to speak about the different aspects of home care and describe the services available to your community’s residents. Emphasize the ways your agency promotes independence and healthy aging, and be sure to distribute plenty of FAQ brochures and personalized disease information brochures. Get them at and
  • Participate in community health fairs this month and have a nurse available to field questions at a special ask-a-nurse table. Have tons of agency collateral available and distribute pocket-sized hand sanitizer spray personalized with your agency’s name and logo. Get it at
  • One of the most important things an older adult can do to continue living independently is take precautions to prevent falls. Host a free educational class on fall prevention at a local house of worship. Distribute agency brochures at the event and promote your agency’s free fall prevention in-home assessments. Find a ready-made class at

July digest: Prepare for August with personalized collateral

Celebrate your community’s seniors this August by taking part in Senior Citizens Day (Aug. 21, 2014). This fast-growing group has long been behind social changes, and they’re not going to stop any time soon. Make an extra effort to recognize your community’s vital older adults and show them the benefits of home care.

  • Show prospects (and their physicians) just how successful you are at improving certain conditions with outcomes brochures for patients and physicians. The patient brochures educate on home care and the services you provide. The physician brochures outline specific programs and compare your agency’s outcomes scores to state or national averages. Find them at and
  • Drop by your local senior centers and host a fun activity. Be sure to distribute puzzle books personalized with your agency’s logo and contact information to all those in attendance. Find them at
  • Empower patients and prospects to take a greater role in their own health care with health log books personalized to your agency. Distribute them to existing patients and offer them to referral sources to distribute to their patients. Your name and referral information will go everywhere the patient goes. Find them at

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more people die from lung cancer than from any other cancer. Honor the struggle of those fighting this deadly disease on World Lung Cancer Day (Aug. 1, 2014).

  • Meet with your oncologist referral sources and demonstrate your commitment to caring for those with lung cancer. Patient Education Guides focused on lung cancer and cancer with chemotherapy/radiation are great resources for patients, and they show physicians that you have expertise and a plan in place to help their patients. Find them at
  • Participate in a health fair and distribute flyers about cancer and how your agency can help. Find them at
  • Hospice agencies can call on referral sources and remind them about the benefits of early conversations about hospice and early referral to hospice. Leave behind a Hospice FAQ Poster to help them start the conversation with their patients. Find them at

The year is halfway over and it’s time to start thinking about 2015. Home care and hospice-specific calendars educate about common conditions and keep your agency in front of referral sources, clients and potential clients all year long. Getting your calendars early means you’ll have them ready for distribution as fall creeps closer – at the rate this year is flying by, that’ll be before you know it. In an offer available this July only, get 25 bonus calendars free with every 100 you order of the same type and style (includes wall calendars, weekly planners, pocket planners, and notebook planners).

  • Plan your outreach efforts for the second half of the year, including events and opportunities to distribute traditional wall calendars. Time-tested and durable, calendars will remind referral sources, patients and others about your services, and will make them aware of healthcare observances and any other dates that are important to your agency. These calendars are at their lowest price ever. Find them at
  • Equip your staff with durable and indispensable weekly planners. The spiral-bound planners include plenty of space to keep track of appointments and notes, and also include health care observances. Referral sources will love these, too. Find them at Other great options include notebook planners ( and pocket planners (
  • Hand out magnetic calendars personalized to your agency at health fairs, senior centers and all your educational events. Find them at